Founded in 2006 by Tobias Gehrt, STUDIO2112 is a creative digital studio, specialized in communication and graphic design. In this everchanging, crazy world and this endless competition, I still believe in the good people. I’m very grateful to have found clients who have strengthened me in this belief and never let me doubt my confidence.

For sure, not all experiences were positive, but I never let myself be distracted from believing in the good in people (that can also be practised in a competitive work environment). So yes, back in the days I learned some lessons of business life the hard way from people I wouldn’t work for anymore. I love working with people, not for them. So if you like to work in a respectful, friendly partnership, give me a call. If not, I wish you all the best. What I like is simplicity, beautiful things, crazy stuff, extraordinary challenges. And most of all I admire the little things, virtues, courtesy and kindness. Just like holding the door for someone. With a lot of enthusiasm, struggles and setbacks – as everyone experiences them – I really really love what I do and I’m very grateful to be allowed to do that for over 10 years now.

Of course, I can’t do everything by myself. But I can find the perfect solution. Thanks to my network of professionals designers, writers, photographers, web/app developers and influencer marketers. If a project needs professional pictures, go and hire a photographer or I will do so. Why? There is a reason for being a professional. It is ok if the grandchild of your brothers´ neighbours cousin got a brand new, expensive camera for his 12th birthday, is interested in photography and even has a copy of Adobe Photoshop Elements, but in the end it will save you neither time nor money. Believe me.

So let’s be professionals, join forces, profit from each other’s competences and let everyone involved do what they can do best. I think that’s a very good way to get perfect results.


Selected Clients

  • 11 teamsports
  • Absolventa
  • ASC Göttingen
  • clavisto
  • David Lüpschen
  • Datenwerk
  • digame mobile
  • digapay
  • Eintracht Braunschweig
  • GEFMA — Die Möglichmacher
  • good response
  • Intermate Media
  • Laerdal
  • Millhaus
  • mmc sport
  • nakami lounge
  • New Yorker
  • Oakley
  • Ray Sono
  • SAP
  • SKLZ
  • Sportplatz Media
  • spox.com
  • thallos AG
  • The Sept Label
  • Georg August Universität Göttingen
  • Uni Liga
  • Unicum
  • Vatter Fashion
  • Waterland Private-Equity
  • Whaletrips
  • Xplore
  • zopfball


Corporate Identity

Business Analysis, Strategy Development, Communication Strategy, Influencer Marketing


Corporate Design

Logo Design, Art Direction, Brand & Event Identity, Exhibition/Booth Design, Creative Direction, Web Design, Mobile App Design, Illustration, Editorial Design, Music Packaging, Poster, Flyer, Corporate Publishing, Client Magazines, Sale & Image Brochures, Catalogues


UX|UI-Design &

CMS (Typo3, WordPress), Online-Shop | E-Commerce (Magento, WooCommerce), Portfolio, Portal, Newsletter, Iphone App, Android App, Animation, Interactive Application

Working process

Working process

01 Strategy

You wouldn’t head out onto the ocean without a plan or even go dynamite fishing. It takes a proper strategy. A good fisherman doesn’t only know which bait to use, but also where the fish bite best.

02 Design

It says ‘one size fits all’, but actually it doesn’t fit anybody perfectly. This is why we develop custom-made appearances and designs with a keen eye on details. This is how we do things.

03 Development

You can’t teach an old dog new tricks. Not even we can. That’s why we also take care of the technical features, both analogue and digital. Because we want your dog to do more than just play dead.

04 Experience

Hitting it out of the park doesn’t work the same way every time. Iteration is an essential part of lasting success in an ever-changing world and we’ll get you ready for future curveballs.


How to get in touch

This is very very simple. Just drop me a line via email, give me a call, connect me on xing or linkedin. Very easy, right? And, I can call you back if you want to. No problem.