STUDIO2112 is a creative digital studio based in Munich and specialised in concept, design, art direction, branding, corporate design, UX|UI-Design and development with clients like SAP, Eintracht Braunschweig, The Sept, clavisto…

Available for big or small: freelance, projects and charity stuff. Just say hi at hello /ät/ studio2112.com


Some featured stuff


Fast. Great. Cheap.

Everyone wants the work to be done fast, great and of course cheap. But this is an illusion — a distortion of the senses. It is not working out in the real world. Not even if it is a hobby. It would be magic. Unfortunately, we are no wizards, so you can only pick two. But you will still be happy in the end. So let’s be honest. Pick two and everyone will be happy.



How to get in touch

This is very very simple. Just drop me a line via email, give me a call, connect me on xing or linkedin. Very easy, right? And, I can call you back if you want to. No problem.